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MAREMMA The Maremma area allows you to relive the excitement of ancient times, starting from the ruins of Cosa, near Ansedonia a Roman colony founded in 273 BC, reaching the "Vie Cave" of Pitigliano, deep paths made in the tuff that lead to monumental Etruscan necropolis. Not far from Pitigliano, in the island of Giglio, in Giannutri, in Scansano, Ansedonia and Caparbio, there are beautiful villas of the Roman era. Testimonial of the ancient Maremma are also kept in the museums of art, archaeological and ethno-anthropological, meeting now in the provincial network "Museums in Maremma. Nowdays the Maremma area is the major sustainable development area of Tuscany. You may feel it in its park: the Park of Maremma and the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The Maremma is high recommended for all sports: cycling, trekking, fishing and those related to the sea (windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing)and golf (Terme di Saturnia Golf Club, Argentario Golf Club)


Sovana is a real little treasure chest of art and history. There are many necropolis and tombs as testimonial of Etruscan and Roman past. There are also beautiful ancient buildings:Palace of the Archives, the Loggia del Capitano, the birthplace of Pope Gregory VII. Finally, the Duomo, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the church dedicated to St. Mamiliano (today only ruins). Recently, in its groundwater, a treasure of inestimable value have been discovered: a chest full of gold coins dating back to Roman period


SORANO AND THERMS At a short drive from Pitigliano, there is Sorano with its thermal baths and a newly opened spa. There are some pools of water spa, a sports pool and a children's pool, some artificial waterfalls and a spa where you can submit to massages, therapies and treatments for body care, but also from the thermal paths that lead to the campaigns of Sorano , revealing its nature and its environment. The thermal water has a temperature of 37.5 degrees

Sorano The Thermal Baths Sorano The Thermal Baths Sorano The Thermal Baths

THE WAY CAVE "Le vie cave" is a deep (20 meters) path between the rocks, about a mile long and three meters wide. It is located among Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, in the past it was the place of sacred and funerary. Thanks to the particular temperature it was realized over the years a valuable natural botanical garden. Each year, the night of March 19, the San Giuseppes via cava is crossed by a procession of young men who carry on their shoulders some great torches. They have to walk along the Cave's path, to reach the valley of the lens, entering the old town where they light a big fire with their torches, as a symbol of renewal and good luck.

Cave's Path  Cave's Path  Cave's Path